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Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber (Ep. VI)

As soon as I found out that my friend Adérito from Vector Criativo had purchased a 3D printer, my first thought was to ask him to print me a lightsaber”!

After some research and exchange of ideas, we chose the render that seemed more detailed, and after a few days Adérito hands me a small bag with the pieces, nerdgasm!

It soon arrived at my bench. I realized after talking to the guys from Lovers of Modeling that the choice of plastic was not ideal, it was used PLA instead of the recommended ABS. It is really a very hard plastic, difficult to sand and polish. The advantage I felt in the end was the weight, the model got an interesting grip em>.

After some sandpapering and bitumen, I applied individually to each piece a Vallejo gray primary spray that I usually use in Warhammer figurines, I noticed that it dried stupidly fast.

I’ve painted each piece individually, with Vallejo acrylics, excepto for the bronze, which I used MIG’s (thanks Mrs. Lídia – JGT Modelismo) and gradually it became whole.

The hardest part that took a bit longer but it was also enjoyable, was the green/red button panel. It was a bit tricky to thin out the fitting area.

Some washes and drybrushing to finish it up.

What turn out to be more complicated, was the lightsaber hanger. I did not want to use 3D printing plastic, so after some more frustrating experiences, after breaking the socket, having to redo it with green stuff em>, re-drilling, I was able to use part of the wire from a clothes hanger, I think it was cool.

Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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